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Who we are

Advisor Broker is a community of financial advisors, able to connect with buyers and sellers of a book of business. This platform was designed to ensure buyers, sellers and transitioning advisors receive fair market value or better for their book of business.

We are here to help you

A platform that enables financial advisors to use available information, to securely and privately explore opportunities to buy, sell or transition their book of business.

Let’s keep everything between us

All information collected is kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or shared with any third party without express consent by the financial advisor and/or investment firm.

How It Works



Create A profile to search Advisors looking to transition their book of business


We need to better understand you and your business in order to generate a report based on your unique information. Please complete our online questionnaire by providing a response to each question asked


We will take an analysis of your information and generate a summary report for your review


Once you indicate an interest in an advisor's book of business, a member from our affiliated company will contact you to initiate the process


A meeting will be Scheduled to explore interest and to evaluate fit

Retainer Agreement

A formal and legally binding contract will be drafted outlining the relationship of each party, terms, warranties and representations and each respective parties responsibilities


Monies are required to be deposited into escrow. Once the agreement has been satisfied and services have been completed, the monies will be released to the respective parties


A meeting will be brokered between the parties to formalize their agreement, the transition of the advisor’s book of business will be initiated


Please view our video and discover how advisor broker can be of service to you. This platform was designed to create a marketplace to explore opportunities to transition an Advisor's book of business both internally and externally. Advisor Broker is a tool that partners with Advisors and firms to help galvanize a successful transition or exit strategy.